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Products at a glance ....


   ORP sensors

   pH sensors

   Conductivity sensors

   Chlorine and chlorine dioxide sensors

   Dissolved oxygen sensors

   Turbidity and suspended solids

   Transmitters and analyzers

Steam Traps


   RTDs and thermocouples

   Transmitters and Controllers



   Flow Control

   Pressure regulating

   Back pressure regulating

   Temperature regulating

   Mixing / Diverting

   Gas and tank blanketing regulators

   Sanitary valves

   Manifolds and needle valves

   Block and bleed valves

   Gas distribution manifolds

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  • Steam traps and steam system auxiliaries

  • pH/ORP sensors and transmitters
  • Dissolved oxygen sensors and transmitters

  • Two, three and five valve manifolds.
  • Instrument needle valves
  • Block and bleed valves
  • Gas distribution manifolds

  • pH/ORP sensors and transmitters
  • Conductivity sensors and analyzers
  • Dissolved Oxygen sensors and analyzers
  • Chlorine and Chlorine Dioxide sensors and analyzers
  • Turbidity and Suspended Solids sensors and analyzers

  • Superior sliding gate valve design (see video)
  • Self-operating temperature regulators
  • 3-Way mixing / diverting valves
  • Control valves with electric or pneumatic actuators and positioners

  • High performance two and three piece ball valves
  • Three-way ball valves
  • Standard port, full port and characterized ball valves
  • Pneumatic and electric actuators

  • Fractional globe style control valves with electric or pneumatic actuators
  • High pressure control valves
  • Pressure and back pressure regulators
  • High pressure regulators

  • Sanitary control valves
  • Sanitary pressure and back pressure regulators
  • Sanitary ball valves
  • Sanitary steam traps
  • Sample coolers
  • Sanitary check valves
  • Sanitary gas distribution manifolds
  • Sanitary sight glasses



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